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14 April 2021

Next week I´m taking a week off, but the music thing is not stopping. Never! We continue delivering the best House and Tech house music on a weekly basis. Enjoy a show packed with some super new music and some exclusives. Enjoy #Pure! (MM)

07 April 2021

If you cannot go to a party then I´ll bring it to you. Enjoy responsibly, you might get addicted. Here we go once again with the best House and Tech House Music, a handpicked selection. Enjoy for free at --Enjoy #Pure! (MM)

31 March 2021 | Techno

This week we are having a little detour towards Techno. Beginning pretty smoothly this is today a very special journey containing mostly some heavy weight, energetic and bassy tunes for at least 40 minutes. I hope you like it, and if you do so, check my contact form at for a little feedback. Listen and enjoy #Pure! (MM)

24 March 2021 | SWOONEY Guest Mix

Here we are with another guest mix coming from Germany. My boy Swooney is taking over the second half of the show this week. Enjoy things to then being prepared for next weeks' show. Listen closely. Enjoy #Pure! (MM)

17 March 2021

Another episode of the #Pure radioshow is showcasing tracks from the likes of Franky Rizardo, Brokenears, Josh Butler, Bontan and a few more. I also announce my next guest mix for the show in seven days and we got some other things to prepare. Enjoy and stay tuned for the latest house and tech housemusic! Enjoy #Pure! (MM)

10 March 2021

A show deserving your full attention from start to finish. The best house and tech house music on your ears, on your speakers. This show, and other episodes, are all available for free on

Enjoy #Pure! (MM)

03 March 2021

Setting new weekly routines in this episode. Enjoy some new information given and visit my Instagram "marcomacacomusic" for teasers of each show. Enjoy #Pure! (MM)

24 Feb 2021

Just a simple 60 minutes recovering from last weeks` super great special guest mix by Weiss (UK). If you want to relisten to it, be sure to subscribe to the #Pure podcast series. There you have an insight to every single show you want. Head over to for more information. Enjoy #Pure! (MM)

17 Feb 2021 | WEISS Guest Mix

Richard Dinsdale alias Weiss is todays' very special guest. Take the free download, enjoy responsibly (you may get addicted) and keep listening to the best in House and Tech House music. Enjoy #Pure ! (MM)

10 Feb 2021

Yet another guest mix is about to be announced coming next week. Who will it be?? Tune in and listen closely for more details. If you don´t want to miss out anything in the future I really recommend to heas over to the podcast subscription. Here you will get some more info: -- Enjoy #PURE!

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